Tuesday 4 December 2012

ITW avec Nico La Clusaz

Ci dessous un interview avec Nico La Clusaz, pour son magazine en-ligne Courir dans les 2 Savoie.

Tout le mag, avec plein d'autres articles intéressants, est dispo sur son site : www.nicolaclusaz.com


  1. Hi Andy, compliments for your big results in 2012! I' m struggling now with ITB syndrome and I've read that it has been a serious problem for you in the past. What is the best solution/therapy/exercise in your opinion? Thanks for answering and have a nice 2013!

    1. Sorry to hear that you've got the dreaded ITB syndrome. It's a killer.. I tried pretty much everything available (appart from surgery) and in the end the thing that instantly got rid of it was a pair of orthotic-like insoles. If you've not yet seen a podiatrist I recommend you give it a go.

    2. Thank you Andy, I will follow your advice! Merry X-mas!


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